Retrieval of Highly Related Biomedical Literature


Rey-Long Liu



Biomedical literature provides the evidences that have been found by researchers, and hence it has been an essential resource for biomedical research. As information needs of biomedical researchers are often about specific topics or issues, retrieval of the references (articles) that are highly related to the information needs is a fundamental step for the researchers. In this project, we plan to develop a series of techniques to retrieve candidate articles that are highly related to a given target biomedical article r. A candidate article d is said to be highly related to a target article r if d and r share similar core contents, including research goals, research methods, and main findings. Retrieval of the highly related articles is challenging and essential for the curators, authors, reviewers, and readers of r. The technical framework developed in the project is named CCS (Core Citation Similarity) as it identifies highly related biomedical articles based on how two articles shares core citations. For an article x, core citations in x are those citations that are related to the goals and methods of x.  The contribution is of technical significance to the information retrieval community, as well as practical significance to the curation of biomedical evidences published in literature, writing of new biomedical papers, review of new biomedical papers, and reading of highly related biomedical articles.


Keywords: Highly-related biomedical articles, article retrieval, core citations, core entities.


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