Conceptual Retrieval of Reliable Information for Chinese Health Questions


Rey-Long Liu



The Internet has been a main channel for people to get health information services. The critical success factor of the information services lies on the retrieval of health information that needs to be both relevant and reliable, as improper health information may incur serious damage to human life. Therefore, given a health question q as a query, users require an intelligent retrieval system to retrieve both relevant and reliable information specifically for answering q. In this project, we plan to develop a conceptual model for Chinese health questions (CHQs), and based on the model, develop techniques to collect and rank Chinese health frequently-asked questions (FAQs) and web pages with respect to input CHQs. The main challenges lie on (1) recognition of essential concepts in CHQs, (2) collection and retrieval of reliable and relevant health FAQs, and (3) retrieval of reliable and relevant health web pages. In addition to tackling the challenges, we also plan to implement an online system that provides the service of retrieving health FAQs for Chinese people. The contributions of the project are of technical significance to the studies of information retrieval, as well as practical significance to the dissemination of reliable health information in response to Chinese health questions.


Keywords: Chinese Health Questions, Conceptual Model, Frequently-Asked Questions in Health, Reliability Assessment, Relevancy Assessment, Information Collection, Information Ranking.


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